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The Geopolitics of New and Built Spaces/Places.

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  • Theme: Spaces and Places: Geopolitics in an Era of Globalization

Chairs and Discussants


Geopolitics of Cyberspace

The Geopolitics of the New Arctic

Weapons as Ethical Infrastructure: Terrains of Destruction as Desirable Spaces

Algorithmic Geopolitics

Abstract and Keywords

The geo of geopolitics is indebted to the expansion of Geography as a science in the 19th and early 20th century. Rudolf Kjellen’s coined the term geopolitics to capture that strategic relations between states were always contextual as military might was enabled and inhibited by location and resources. Detractors of the approach questioned the value of a research agenda so indebted to the seemingly inert features of the planet. However in the contemporary era the environment is anything but inert. The dynamic ecology of the earth is driven by its technological and built character as well as the amplifying effects of human induced climate change. Nature and artifice drive the complexities of global politics. Therefore, geopolitics has much to offer as its material-contextual approach requires the interaction of environmental changes in the analysis of politics. The distinction between changes by chance or changes by design is less important to geopolitics than whether the security environment is different. The papers on this panel engage the built and changing earth on these grounds. The internet, the disappearing Arctic, the global climate system, global weapons infrastructures, and security algorithms are all explored as fundamental changes that demand geopolitical thinking.

Climate Change; Geopolitics; Internet/Cyber/the Web; Artic Region/Antarctica; Space; Security

Later Event: March 27
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