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Infectious Ideas and Geopolitical Hygiene: (Re)Coding the Colonial in E-Meme's Epidemiological Modeling

Militarization 2.0: A gender(ed) methodology on militarized corporations and their social media presence

Space, Control, and Governmentality in the Digital City

Security and the Internet of Things: A sensory adventure in the phenomenal world of drones, surveillance cameras, cell phones, and door fobs.

Google Cosmopolitanism: The Banality of Fascism and a Randy Economy

Abstract and Keywords

The distinction between cyberwar and physical combat is degrading as new technologies from social networking to thinking machines enter the fray of battle. This panel attempts to chart the new spaces and places where digital worlds and the physical world interface to create a geopolitical landscape both familiar and novel. Enemies, threats, targets, persons of concern, and riots abound but the locales and operating systems targeted and monitored frequently modulate between bodies, bank accounts, facebook pages, suburban neighborhoods, international borders, physical internet hubs, packed city centers, DNS Servers, tanks, and youtube comments sections. Each of the papers attempts to make sense conceptually of these new spaces and places as they are always hybrid; part digital, part physical. The papers each center on a particular facet of this hybridity: the digital city, militarized social networks, instability prediction software, artificial intelligence, and sensory drones. The panel seeks to make a contribution to this emerging area of empirical research in ways that take seriously the core questions of International and Global studies but within the complex technical and material ecology in which these questions unfold.

Critical Security Studies; Geopolitics; Globalization; Cyberterrorism

Earlier Event: March 27
International Studies Association