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Global Politics and the Fragility of Things

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Abstract and Keywords

William Connolly’s new book The Fragility of Things confronts International Relations with the increasing certainty that we live in a breakable world. Not unlike the realization of the nuclear peril that transformed our field in the 1950s, the formidable challenge of climate chaos and the violent tendencies of neoliberal economics confront the core competencies of the state and state system. The traditional tool box of international organizations and state action cannot be discounted but this roundtable seeks inspiration from Connolly’s newest work to think through globally significant tactics and resources necessary for maintaining a livable world. Attunement to creativity, the amplification of global solidarities and moral sentiments, militant democratic politics, and a cultivated attentiveness to cosmic and earthly complexity are all themes explored by this roundtable in an attempt to provoke a conversation on what can be done in the face of seemingly inevitable changes to our ecological order. In particular this discussion looks for resources for action that do not rely on the logics of security or markets that often dominate discussions of climate change. The roundtable is an opportunity for a conversation with a great thinker who has stepped up to the challenges of our contemporary condition.

Climate Change; Ecology; Ethics; Globalization; Governance

Earlier Event: March 26
International Studies Association
Later Event: March 29
International Studies Association